Generate and manage Instagram hashtags

#2 Product of the DayNovember 25, 2018

#HSHTG is a freemium app to generate a perfect list of hashtags for an Instagram publication.

Hashtags usage is still a very underestimated but powerful way to give more exposure to businesses on Instagram.

Key features:

📸Generate a perfect list of Instagram hashtags by photo

📌Bookmark favorite hashtag groups for future usage

📎Copy & Paste

Nice app. Does it have any hashtag filters to find less competitive ones? for example, less than 50k posts in a hashtag?
@oiv that is a great idea and we have been looking towards this but unable to add it at the moment as we have some problems finding the amount of posts for each particular hashtag. Hopefully we can solve this!
@kartuzov Awesome! looking for a hashtag service with this feature for a very long time 🤷‍♂️
I need more hashtags 😆
Hello fellow Product Hunters! ✨ I think most of us use Instagram to give our products more exposure. For some reason, hashtags are not used that much by businesses in its publications so I decided to make an app to befriend hashtags and product launchers. Let me know what you think!
@kartuzov how do you generate your lists of hashtags?
@kartuzov also, you say it's free but there are three different IAPS?
@chris_messina my bad, I edited it to "freemium" because it does indeed have a PRO plan
Extremely useful tool for internet marketers.
I am gonna use this definitely. I use similar tool, but it has some cons. Hope this one is better.