Artistic wallpapers from Unsplash & hipster shapes

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Hey Product Hunters! 😻 Thanks for the hunt @bentossell! I'm Balazs, one of the makers of HPSTR app. HPSTR provides artistic wallpapers to your iOS and Android devices from the best creative communities like #Unsplash, #500px and #Reddit with hipster shapes, effects and cool filters. You can sync your favourite wallpapers in real-time with your Android watch or OS X homescreen too. Here is a 4 min read about why we made HPSTR: https://medium.com/@zsedbal/your... We're looking forward to hearing your feedback. 😊
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@zsedbal just downloaded it for my iPhone. Great job guys! Cograts on the launch!
@tamasszakal thanks, we're glad you like it! :)
@zsedbal @bentossell finally on iOS! The curation is the key, well done gents and ladies!
@zsedbal Never thought I'd change my wallpaper. Now I did! πŸ˜„ Great app, thanks!
@farkasdan thanks, happy hipstering! :)
Hipster is still in right? I always have such boring wallpapers but at one point I did use Psiu Puxa because I thought they were just awesome.
@bentossell thanks again! It was an awesome experience to be hunted. πŸ™€ Our team behind HPSTR is super proud and excited about the upcoming roadmap! πŸš€
You can buy the app for $9.99, $4.99 or $1.99 and get the same features for it?? 😯 I have never seen such pricing strategy, but love the idea! 😍
@iamszabo Yes, this is an idea that we're experiencing with. We're curious how it'll perform, but I'm sure that I'll write a Medium post about it. Stay tuned! πŸ“ˆ
@zsedbal @iamszabo A illustrated reading app called Hardbound has a similar strategy. I dig it!
Love the app. Just got on the $1.99 deal :) One thing though - how do I sync my Mac to my Android?
@akhilsinght you're a real 'hipster' now, thanks ☺️ it's only available for iOS for now, but we're planning to extend the syncing capabilities.
I want a wallpaper app can automatically change wallpaper every day
@shellehs actually, if you have an Android device, you can do that with HPSTR. Also, you can set the changing frequency as you wish. We have plans for iOS too, but it's limited capabilities.