Collaborative Joke Writing

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Hey! Howwlr has been an idea of mine for around 2 years and invites users to write jokes with each other - finally I have a beta and currently working on phase 2 which will enable profiles, follow users, user feeds, 'funny score', notifications and a much requested email sign up! Got a long way to go but currently enjoying all the up votes and the jokes being made via this wonderful site.
This is fun. :D What are your favorite jokes/threads on the site so far, @zer0mike?
Thanks! I have to confess to giggling to this far to much. "Two programmers are having coffee in Starbucks. One leans over to the other and says, look at that girl's properties! The other answers, yeah but they're read-only." I shouldn't mention any that I've contributed too but I think this is pretty silly. "Obama has friended me on Facebook, I rejected his invite, said I needed MySpace" @rrhoover
@zer0mike this is hilarious! I've been getting some funny looks in the office for chortling. My favorite: "A recent study suggests sleeping naked is good for your health, but it sure makes math class awkward"
@tonysheng Hah! fantastic, really pleased you like it - we're working on a new landing page as the one we have is horrible and people just bounce away. Tell everyone ;)