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Howler is a collaborative joke writing platform for web and iOS. Used by amateur and professional writers, comedians and performers. Creative, Fun and Inspiring.

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Speaking of jokes. Funny enough, whenever I read the word 'Howler', I think of Harry Potter.
So I pretty much love this automatically.
@imcatnoone It's a cunning plan. Good = I howled with laughter. Bad - What a howler. See. Oh and I once visited the HP film set. It was epic.
@zer0mike Jealous of your whole life.
Hey all, Thanks to @de for posting! It's been one hell of a ride. Howler started off as a simple idea for people to write some jokes together and now suddenly feels very grown up. We've been testing out the desktop site for some time with a core group of joke writers, between them they have written over 4000 jokes which is incredible for such a small number of users. Today we launch our iOS app for iPhone, which is the big leap into the great unknown of joke writing. We truly believe that everyone has a quality joke within them (which in itself sounds like a joke!) and really hope to introduce the next top comedy duo via our site and app. We've bootstrapped everything so far and currently looking for investors who have an interest in comedy, entertainment and viral news. Any questions. I'd be happy to answer them! Mike
Love this idea! It's kind of Secret for jokes, and I can see this becoming a daily habit. FYI I tried submitting something but it looks like your backend got hammered by the PH effect. Best of luck!
@dannyjespinoza Hey Danny, sorry to hear you had trouble submitting content. We are under a little bit of load at the moment but if you keep running in to problems feel free to fire an email over to and we'll try to sort you out.
Oh man! This just spawned soo many ideas. I genuinely suck at giving jokes. Truly. Can your next feature be an app (I know, I know, hardly a feature) that pops up jokes on your home screen while you are at a party, networking, or event? We all glance at our phones during these things and shooting a one-liner joke (you can even customize the joke based on the context of the event or party you are at, age, etc.) will increase your street cred for telling joke telling. Thanks! Great job, loving the design.
@alanaut24 Hah I do like that idea. So many ideas. But for now our next iOS update has a Apple Watch app that spits random jokes at you. So that can always be a fun ice breaker until we do all the other funs stuff we have planned.
Very interesting concept. What has been the most popular use case for this? Also, which part of your audience has been using this the most? Last Q: What to stand up comics think of this? Useful? Funny?
@mrtampham Hey Tam, great to hear our little startup is interesting. We certainly find every day interesting reading all our users' new jokes! In answer to your questions; The most popular use for Howler is inspiration, particularly for people with a burgeoning interest in writing comedy or becoming standup comedians. Our core users are typically people who are dipping their toe into the comedy circuit and the feedback from them has been that Howler is a great tool for developing and testing material on topics they wouldn't normally think about writing jokes on. Its been a surprise to us as we thought that people would be more interested in writing punchlines to their own jokes, but the collaborative element of the UX is really challenging users to improve their joke writing skills. In terms of more experienced standup comics, we're yet to attract any, but its a very open community. Our big dream definitely involves big name comedians using Howler as a way to communicate with fans.