How to work with APIs

Learn to work with APIs with the help of Slash the API dog

Have you ever wondered exactly what an API is, how to interact with it, or what to do with the data it returns? Slash the API dog is here to help explain it all to you in this simple guide.

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Alex Yaseen
Founder and CEO,
Hi PH, At, many of our best users are trying to leverage other APIs but don't quite know how to use them or how to read their docs. We realized there weren't many good resources out there, so we put together this friendly guide to help our users. We then decided to give it a way for free to everyone else as well! The guide also comes with a fully working example API that is also open source, so you can also learn how APIs are made! Feel free to ask any questions about our inspiration for this, how we made it, or make suggestions of things we could phrase better/more clearly.
Raul CraveiroProcrastinator specialist.
Thank you so much for this! I never really learned how to use APIs, so this will be very useful for me. ♥
super useful, great work guys!
Chris Kirk
Eng @ Parabola Ex: Chalet, Primer, Zynga
Hey all - Chris from Parabola here. I hope that is useful to you! We had a lot of fun writing it and using Slash the API Dog for inspiration and examples. One of the coolest things for me was creating the example API that lives at For those who are interested in the technical details - we used the Serverless Framework to deploy a NodeJS API over AWS API Gateway and Lambda. We've used Lambda a bit sparingly so far, but this was our first full experience with Serverless and I was really impressed by how easy it was to setup. The source code for Slash's API is open source on Github ( There are definitely more features that we'd love to build—like make the POST/PUT/DELETE request types actually modify data (or appear that they do). So if anyone is interested, we'd love to accept a PR! Anyway, thanks for taking a look at We really appreciate the comments and feedback. A lot of time and attention went into creating it, with the goal that we can enable more people to have the power of technology.
Michelle Cunningham
Engineering @
Hey everyone, hope you're enjoying learning from Slash and working with APIs! Slash was a fun character for us to create. We think it's important that everyone has access to the power of APIs and wanted to create a guide that was simple and relatable. We hope that using Slash's dog training to explain how APIs work makes it easy to understand and produces some smiles :) We're a dog-loving office and our own pets were a big inspiration for picking a dog as our friendly API expert (although they are not nearly as well-behaved). So, thanks for taking a look at even if it was just to see why our icon is a dog! PS - Just wanted to share my favorite Slash example incase you don't have time to fully read to guide: "Your request may have been good, but the API is not working for some reason. This will usually result in a 500 status. This is the equivalent of Slash taking a nap because he's tired, so he can't bring you the ball right now."
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