This ultimate, free guide and customer-centric checklist from Talia Wolf, Unbounce, and ActiveCampaign has everything you need to optimize like a bonafide SaaS expert.
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Very helpful guide!
Can't *wait* to recommend this to several clients as a resource! So timely and so valuable!
Unbounce, ActiveCampaign, and CRO legend Talia Wolf have all teamed up to help you diagnose and optimize any low-converting SaaS landing page. Their fantastic guide is full of detailed info and real SaaS examples for you to create customer-centric campaigns, fix underperforming landing pages, and optimize your pages based on actionable steps. You’ll take away: - 4 common problems plaguing SaaS landing pages and how you can solve them. - A step-by-step checklist to make your SaaS pages perform better. - Tons of Talia-approved resources and tutorials. Give it a read and you’ll be optimizing your campaigns for the most conversions like a SaaS expert in no time.
Thank you @nikkielizdemere! We're really excited about the guide we put together and can't wait to see how people leverage it to optimize their SaaS landing pages and marketing. Here to answer any questions!
This guide has been a long time in the making. I’ve been optimizing SaaS funnels for my clients for many years now, however when I got started I made a ton of mistakes and I felt discouraged, many times. I wasn’t sure how to go about it, how to optimize or what to do. These days I can put together a funnel for my clients or myself very confidently. The methodology I developed and follow has helped me increase leads for many companies. After running countless AB tests and optimizing hundreds of SaaS funnels, I've seen companies make the same mistakes over and over again (the ones I used to make). Mistakes that kill conversions repeatedly. Luckily these mistakes can be fixed or avoided pretty easily. So if you’ve been wondering why you’re not hitting those results you want, or if no matter how many elements you change of the page, there’s just no difference, there are a few adjustments (or dare I say -- mind shifts) you can make to change those results and get more people to say yes to whatever you’re selling on your landing page. I hope you find this guide super helpful! If you have any questions about CRO or SaaS marketing, I'm here to answer!
Signed up, really waiting to see the guide