How To Get Free Press for Your Startup

An interactive video course coaching you to do your own PR.

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Great article from the Reddit post, I learned a lot. Curious, will you be going over anything different in this course?
@wilfredboston In the course I actually reach out to journalists live and record myself doing it so students see all this theory in practice. I also share the best email templates which have worked for me over the years. Most of the course is live examples.
BTW, I'm happy to answer any PR questions you have in this comment thread, just ask your questions about reaching out to press and I'll do my best to answer them.
Not too long ago I wrote an article about doing your own press outreach which went wild on Reddit: I've gotten hundreds of people emailing me asking for 1-1 help to coach them through reaching out to press. I decided to record this course to help startups do their our PR. Just today for ProductHunters - use code: 'PH' to get 25% off the course.
@dragilev What have you seen work best for PR outreach for startups?
@danslagen It's a pretty general question man, I'd say building real and lasting relationships with journalists has worked the best for me. This quote from a friend of mine Rebecca who used to write for VentureBeat sums it up nicely: "Unfortunately, the relationship usually feels one-sided. You — a PR person, employee, or entrepreneur — reach out to the press when you need coverage. You are asking for a service, for us to pick your story over the dozens of others we could be writing about. Rarely is that reciprocated. If you have a tip or an idea for an article that gasp doesn’t involve you, share it with a journalist. We are always on the prowl for good stories." It's from her article on startups pitching her:
If you don't mind, I'm interested in knowing which email templates have worked well for you and which have been total flops?
@wilfredboston Sure thing. Here are the best email templates which worked for me, I go through these during the course, happy to just give this away to you. This PDF has a different pitch angle attached to each template so it should give you ideas for different angles:
Is it possible to get press coverage if you have a very "boring" company (e.g. you make fertilizers or something)? (Without something newsworthy happening.)
@sapphli Hmmm, good question. What I would do is focus on something beyond your product, for example Daniel Russell made an infographic which got him in all major press and to the front page of Reddit: Try to think what content can you create which will excite people.