How to Embrace Remote Work by Trello

The ultimate remote guide from the world’s leading companies

'How to embrace remote work by Trello' is the ultimate guide to remote working - if you manage a distributed team or are a part of one, download this free PDF to learn advice from top remote teams around the world.

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3 Reviews1.7/5
Downloaded immediately because the best remote team pioneers are featured! I worked at Automattic for 2 great years and saw how they not only made remote work, but turned it into a competitive advantage. Everyone who works remotely should have to read this. I'm certainly going to share it with the 3 remote teams that I'm currently managing. Great work!
Absolutely love this ebook, great content and love the easy-to-read layout with really good looking illustration. Recommend to read for anyone or team looking to debunk the remote working myths and make the best out of it!
I loved reading this e-book because it lays out how you can create a great team that never worked in the same location!
This looks fascinating. I think, with the right framework, a good remote team can be just as effective as a normal team.
Another PDF Ebook that can not translate, from English. Please, next time, make in HTML.