How To Build This

A platform for makers to find the right tools

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Tobi Hikari
Founder Growthhacklist
Hey folks, I often run into the problem that I see an app, a website or a specific feature on and I am really curious about how that was built. So I often find myself using Chrome DevTools and or searching on StackOverflow to find out which approach is used. Doing so I thought it would be awesome to have a platform to ask makers directly, get a quick feedback, discuss the pro or cons and see how other things are built. How does it work? In the last days, I built a simple and lean MVP. You see an app, a website or a specific feature you like. Just ask the maker on Twitter and add the #howtobuildthis. Get the answer from the Maker and the Twitter Community, get to know the tools and start coding! What is next? I have a lot of ideas in my head to build a platform for makers, like filters, trending questions, upvotes, user profiles, get help from mentors etc. I really looking forward to your feedback, ideas and comments. * Page is built with React, Express and deployed with Zeit Now #howtobuildthis :-) * Inspiration: by @marckohlbrugge
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