How to Build the Future: Jessica Livingston

The second episode of YCombinator's How to Build the Future

From Sam's intro: What I really wanna get out of you is how founders get on a path to build a huge company. So, you have now, for 11 years seen founders coming when they are just two or three people and an idea. And sometimes, those founders go on to do nothing most of the time. Sometimes they create a small success, and sometimes they create these companies that really transform the world, and YC has been very fortunate to be involved in a lot of these, Airbnb, Dropbox, Stripe, the list goes on. And what I think would be really helpful is to talk about what the companies do during Y Combinator that allows them to go on and build super impactful companies. So what have you observed the very best companies do when they are brand new?
Loved the first episode with Zuck and @jesslivingston is awesome. Adding to my podcast playlist collection.
Still waiting for Peter Thiel's interview :-)
This show hasn't been added to iTunes or released as a podcast yet. For anyone who wants to subscribe in a podcast app, you can use the Soundcloud RSS feed here: Kinda janky since the name displays as "ycombinator" and you have to manually add the URL to subscribe. Hope they do it right soon because it's obviously amazing content! Also...just gotta say, I really hope @harris and @KatManalac keep doing Startup School Radio - that and How to Build the Future feel like different shows (title, hosts, type of guests) that can happily co-exist.