How Many Pizzas Do I Need? will tell you exactly how many pizzas to order for any social gathering.

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There is no "too many pizzas"... Never. 🐷
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One day, a future President of the United States will be at her/his internship and get asked to order pizza for the group. They will use this tool to order JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT of pizza. Their boss will be so impressed by cost saving and efficiency of ordering the perfect amount of pizza, which will get them promoted to Head Intern. This turn of events will lead to a successful career at the Emoji Consortium, eventually turning the once promising Head Intern to President of the United States. In their victory speech, they will credit How Many Pizzas Do I Need? with landing them the Presidency, I think.
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How does your app account for leftovers? Also, what about those people who order obscure pizzas that nobody else wants (example: Hawaiian), but inevitably consumes mostly mainstream varieties such as cheese and pepperoni?
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@jimmydouglas asking the important questions!
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@jimmydouglas Happily part of the Hawaiian club. Definitely the Nickelback of the pizza world.
Very important
Just wanted to let you know the back button only seems to work about half of the time after I press calculate. Not sure if this is deliberate functionality or not. Chrome 59 OS X