How I Built This: L.A. Reid, Music Mogul

One of the most influential executives in the music industry

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Latest episode πŸ”₯ L.A. Reid began his music career as a drummer. Then he co-founded LaFace Records, discovering dozens of future pop superstars. Reid is now one of the most influential executives in the music industry.
@bentossell this is so good, thanks for hunting! L.A Reid has always inspire me πŸ™Œ
Awesome to see L.A. Reid on How I Built This. @suzywillow, check this out.
@rrhoover @suzywillow This looks intriguing, might check this out. What's interesting to as we move forward in music is to try to discern who in the business is thinking about music beyond streaming. Though streaming is the big trend right now, it's not the only exciting thing happening (even though it grabs all the headlines), so we shall see. :)
@adammarx13 @rrhoover @suzywillow check out The Wave VR - it's a virtual reality music application for DJs... that also streams the virtual performances all over the world. The next step past streaming is virtual festivals, concerts, etc -
Ahhhhh.... I LOVE L.A. Reid. Can't wait to listen to this one! Thanks for hunting.