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AI-powered bot to discover nearby places, events & people 👍

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Thanks for checking out HoverPin. Our vision is to create a powerful platform that surfaces the best geo-relevant content from around the web into a single screen. We believe that over 95% of the best geo information today is difficult to find or access. We seek to match users with personalized content while expanding the categories of information that is currently shown on maps and other discovery tools. We know it’s a very big task but we’re very excited on what we’ve achieved so far and look forward to building the authoritative platform for geo-content publishing and discovery.
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@alainmrh what has been your biggest challenges so far with data?
@sethlouey The hardest challenge is finding enough data to make this useful anywhere in the world. We keep adding new data sources on a daily basis so we ask our users to check back often to see what is new. There's an unbelievable amount of good data out there, it's just a question of getting it on the platform.
Great idea! No matter whether I'm visiting a new place or just want to explore my own city there's not really a tool that helps me discover "all the cool stuff" that's around me. Like: yes, I can go to Yelp for restaurants, Eventbrite's map feature to see events, Google Maps for some entries etc. etc. but there's not a single tool that is designed for me to explore geo-content around me. I love it!
Congratulations on the launch!!
Hi. Much appreciation for checking out our HoverPin chatbot. I’ve lived in my neighborhood for many years, yet – using HoverPin – ended up finding 2 restaurants, a coffee shop, and several historical and architectural landmarks that somehow I never knew about. This is the essence of HoverPin . . . to help people discover - or even RE-discover – the area around them by surfacing things that one wouldn’t find on standard mapping and travel tools. It can be used not just for your own neighborhood but also for anywhere you may travel. We are continuously finding and adding unique and interesting geo-based content to our platform, so please check us out often to see what’s new. And don’t hesitate to share any feedback – ideas, things you like, things you don’t like, etc. Thanks again!
Finally a bot that people can use forever. Looks very cool.
@arda_yaman Thanks Arda. Glad you like it. Would love more feedback, if you have some time please fill out the quick survey at: https://goo.gl/awtksq - Many thanks for using our bot. PS: you can use the Subscription functionality to receive updated events around you.