An airbag helmet for cyclers

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This makes me want to start riding again just so I can fall off and see how this works.
@_shahedk It would be an expensive ($330) fall since these are one-time use... If you get in an accident you have to buy a new one.
@pitdesi Yeah, that appears to be one of the downfalls. But it looks like insurance in some countries, like Sweden, would cover a replacement if deployed: "Most insurance companies will cover the cost of a new Hövding (minus the excess) after an accident through your home contents insurance. Contact your insurance company to check how they would deal with your case."
As I recently acquired a bike, this seems like a great product. I originally heard about this concept a few years ago, and now it's apparently up for sale... just not yet in the US. But as a product of Sweden, it's something I would be happy to support and purchase next time I'm over there.
As a keen cyclist I frigging love this product. Just wish there was a more sporty version. Looks like it's more designed for commuters
@mil5om :D Seems like the next logical step.
This looks like high couture! Would like to prove it soon and experience by myself how a helmet made of air would work.
@magnusburton 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪