Hourly Rate Calculator is a tool we made for freelancers to use as a guide to costs, billable hours and desired profit. Remember: your hourly rate should also account for factors like market demand and skill level, factors that we unfortunately couldn't fit into this calculator.

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Hi everyone, Really happy to be launching our calculator on PH. While building products for freelancers and doing freelance work ourselves, we realized that figuring out what you should charge is not easy. Often it feels like you’re pulling a number out of thin air and it can sometimes be intimidating to ask for a high rate. Especially if you’re just starting out or feeling that dreaded impostor syndrome. We build the calculator to help freelancers figure out what they should charge based on costs, billable hours and desired profits. A huge thank you to everyone that’s already used it and given us feedback!
@naveenkumar that's odd, can you share what browser and operating system you're using and we can take a look.
Great job. It's pretty accurate to what I was thinking
@baybayin Thank you! Glad to hear that 😄
Much looking forward to Part II: *Getting paid the hourly rate you need.*
@hellotom I wish it was that easy haha
Now this ladies and gentlemen is a Gem!!! Great Work Makers and to everyone else involved in this.
@b0nez89 Thank you, really glad to hear you like it!
Sometimes I feel like PH is reading my mind... I was looking for an hourly calculator this morning, and now browsing through PH, I find one! I'm based in the UK, but it's great the calculator is tax-regime agnostic, though localisation would make this hugely powerful. Another suggestion, maybe allow the user to choose to enter a monthly or annual figure. I know it's only a case of multiplying or dividing by 12, but for a lot of questions that can be time consuming. Great work either way.
@joshua_queen Thanks Joshua! Those are some great suggestions, we'll definitely look at localization for both currency and tax down the road. And absolutely, we initially had all the numbers as annual and changed some to monthly but giving the option would be even better.