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#2 Product of the DayMay 06, 2019
Meet Hourly, an app for those who get paid by the hour and for everyone wanting more control over time.
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6 Reviews5.0/5
Hey there! I’m a designer of Hourly. Let's be honest: there’s plenty of time trackers on earth. But we miss some things in them: simple navigation, less hard-work-no-play approach, fewer features (really, we don’t need that many, we don’t use all of that). So we made an app called Hourly, and we made it as simple as possible. There are just three buttons in the tab bar: ➕to create a task; ⚫️to see the list of tasks in progress and to pause, resume, or finish any of them; ⬛️to get results per day and per month—helpful in making a report for an employer or in future scheduling. We know how boring time tracking sometimes can be. That’s why, apart from simplicity, we’ve created many animation tricks and tons of unique pictures shown when a task is finished. These special things inspire to close more tasks, remind to take a break, or just make one smile. Our users call Hourly easy to use, minimalistic, and funny. We’re very proud of it! It will be great if you try Hourly too. And, of course, we’re here for your feedback.
@kapanaga looks dope, wish this was on android.
@pregenun Thanks a lot! Unfortunately Hourly currently works with iPhone only. We are collecting feedback to understand how big the demand is among the Android and Mac users. We'll keep in mind your vote!
@kapanaga I really think this will be used a lot among android users, crazy desings btw, do you have dribbble?
@kapanaga @pregenun If this was on Android today i would totally use it!
@pregenun Thanks for "crazy design"! Still I don't have an account on Dribble (not sure why)
Would love an Android version of the app
@rocketrahul Your vote is counted, thanks!
@rocketrahul @kapanaga Second an Android version!
@swiftpolar Thanks! Your vote is counted too!
I would love a web app for this!
@dex_thedev We'd love that too! :–) But now Hourly works with iPhone only.

Killer app! Looking forward to seeing the benefits of long-term use!


Bold, simple, useful. I like not having distracting features. I don't need a burndown chart based on a tagging scheme, thank you.


The square/circle icons are confusing, usability-wise. And the illustrations are too much with already bold typography.

A good time management tool.
@debarati_ghosh Thank you! I’m glad you like it!