Find out how much you should charge per hour

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Appears a bit squashed on Safari. Freelance vs Salaried?
Pretty cool and simple. Change the numbers to your situation and it will churn out potential rates
This is a great tool 😀. Will come in handy when calculating different scenarios or job offers.
Appreciate the idea, but this is pretty confusing. A step by step process would have been a much better experience.
@thejfkshow You are right. This was just a small experiment not even meant to reach PH at first. I'm now thinking how to re-make it for better UX and compatibility. Step-by-step-ish format is indeed an option. Thanks for the feedback :)
Hi! It could be a pretty useful tool! I can't help to see your improvements. ;) I'd like to customize the tax rate % because it depends on your tax regime. A single Country can have multiple tax regimes.
@frigno Ciao Fabio, that's a fantastic point, and part of the plan; together with social security rates, etc. For now it's only offering the "worst case" ( which is a single person doing the taxes). I'm trying to figure out how to customize it in a way that is doesn't end up being yet another unappealing and overcomplicated tax calculator.
Just to let you know that this little tool was re-made and extended a few weeks ago.You can find it at https://www.workly.info , I hope this is useful to anyone :)