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A new kind of web browser, made for the neoworkers.

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NOVA is a new kind of web browser designed for the way we interact with the web today, made for the neoworkers.
Turn any website into an app so you can start interacting with windows, not tabs. Welcome to the Operating System of the web.
  • Pros: 

    The video production quality is great.


    The video makes the claim that this is a new browser, but its just chromeOS running on Mac or PC. This is not new.

    This reinforces the same thinking that has led us down the computing rabbit hole we are in today; we have created a divide between programmers and users. I would love to see products/projects that give people agency to create in the digital world, not just *consume*.

    William Felker has used this product for one day.
  • Raghavender Rao Jitta
    Raghavender Rao JittaFounder of Gist

    The UI is really simple, modern and intuitive (very GNOME-ish). 25GB of free storage (Y)


    Lack of Chrome extension support - this is a deal-breaker.

    - an amazing idea that has been really well-executed. - love the real-time sync between my Macbook and iMac Pro. - automatic grouping/tabbing of pages from same app is really useful. - windows based UI helps multi-tasking. Drawbacks: - Is not able to keep tab states between different sessions - need to reopen tabs and app everytime Nova is opened. - is at least six months away using this as a primary browser. Looking forward to the extension and cookie sync support.

    Raghavender Rao Jitta has used this product for one month.
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Roberto Gómez
Roberto GómezMaker@robby2023 · Founder & CEO - horbito
Hello Product Hunt! We're really excited to share NOVA with you today and get all your feedback. Google Chrome was launched more than 10 years ago and it still works exactly the same way (although the way we work has drastically changed). We now live online and always work using our browser, we don't really use our OS anymore, our web browsers have actually become the real Operating System which we use to access the programs we need. If so, why doesn't it behave like such? Introducing NOVA, a web browser where you interact with your webapps using an OS-like interface, with icons, badges and windows. Add new apps using the App Store or turn any website you want into an app through Vintage Browser. Although the product is not finished (we want to add plugins support, SSO, cookie sync, better integrations...) we wanted to share our MVP with you ASAP to get the most feedback possible and improve NOVA as fast as we can. Please ask any question you might have, @javiergarmon and I will love to answer absolutely any doubt or suggestion you might have! Thank you!
Şerban Cârjan
Şerban Cârjan@serbancarjan · UI developer
@javiergarmon @robby2023 Hi, first of all congrats on the concept, I think browsers are due a refresh (no pun intended). I installed the Windows 10 version and the first thing I got is a login prompt, with no way to go around it. I feel this was not communicated at all in the presentation or on the website, and also nowhere does it say why I -must- have an account. Especially since it's an MVP, It would be nice if access is unrestricted, so as many people try it out. I don't want to create an account for no reason, so I'll wait until there is more information about the authentication requirement, or (preferably) there is a way to skip it.
Javier Garmón
Javier GarmónMaker@javiergarmon
@robby2023 Thanks @serbancarjan ! We've been thinking a lot about this first initial sensation. NOVA is based on horbito (which is free too) and for having a Cloud based environment it's neccesary to have an account in the service. As you has metioned, that first impresion is tough. We're going to work on that ASAP. Thank you for your feedback!
Franz@franz1 · COO @AlphaSwap
@javiergarmon @robby2023 Hi Guys! I just LOVE the presentation of the product & the design of the app. I installed Horbito nova, but it looks more like a new OS rather than a new browser. Am I wrong?
Chris Messina
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
@javiergarmon @robby2023 I mean, site specific browsers have been around for a while... so I'm struggling to imagine how you call this is "the first web browser where you interact with your webapps using an OS-like interface, with icons, badges and windows". @iTod built his own browser generator called Fluid 11 years ago...
Roberto Gómez
Roberto GómezMaker@robby2023 · Founder & CEO - horbito
@javiergarmon @franz1 Thank you so much Franz!! It does look more like a new OS indeed, it's a web browser with an OS-like interface. Instead of accessing the apps through a URL you would add them using the App Store or turn them into apps using "Add to taskbar" inside Vintage Browser. Then, when you boot NOVA you would open and interact with the apps in a very similar way you would use a compuer. We believe it makes much more sense to interact with webapps this way today instead of the traditional way of changing through hundreds of tabs.
Marcell@cellus_christie · I help you reach the right ppl 🎯
Really awesome! What separates this from Shift?
Roberto Gómez
Roberto GómezMaker@robby2023 · Founder & CEO - horbito
@cellus_christie Thank you Marcell! I ws actually a user of Shift for a while in the past and it was great to access a few apps (similar to Franz) but it didn't really solve my pain of "browsing" the whole web through apps regardless of which websites I use. Also, having to pay $99.99 a year is a huge bummer :/
CedarXi@cedar_xi · Founder of WuliHub
great, It better than station.but my mac already has a lot of windows, I used this and a lot more windows.
Roberto Gómez
Roberto GómezMaker@robby2023 · Founder & CEO - horbito
@cedar_xi Our goal is to make it easier for you to reduce the number of windows you use but making it easier to indentify which programs you've already opened and not having the same apps opened three or four times!
Jose Manuel Hernandez
Jose Manuel Hernandez@jose_manuel_hernandez
IMHO, this product is just what the market of Web browsers need. It has a neat interface (similar to others like shift or station) but adds incredible value on how windows are managed. Pros: Clearly is a good approach on how the future of Web browsers will be. I really like the introduction of windows again cos I am pretty tired of tabs or other products which doesn't allow me to multitask as I would like to. Cons: Until now, not a single one. I've downloaded the app for Windows 10 and both onboarding and first minutes with Nova have been so impressive.
Roberto Gómez
Roberto GómezMaker@robby2023 · Founder & CEO - horbito
@jose_manuel_hernandez Wow, thank you so much for your feedback! Please give us all the feedback you can as you start using the app more often, you can find me at rgomez (at) horbito (dot) com
CedarXi@cedar_xi · Founder of WuliHub
It's a bit like a work app hub base browser . If everyone in the future uses a mobile phone to work, install nova on the phone, link the display, you can use nova to solve all office software problems.
Roberto Gómez
Roberto GómezMaker@robby2023 · Founder & CEO - horbito
@cedar_xi That's indeed how we believe the future of workspaces will be. We always work online and our devices no longer require to do anything, they're becoming dumb terminals to access the real power.