Morning, PH! We’re super excited to announce our new iPhone app. Thanks @anildash. What’s new: Our iPhone app is the first programming language designed to be used on a phone! Isn't that cool?? The phone is many young people’s first (and sometimes only) computer. Within minutes of downloading Hopscotch, you can program your own games, art, and animations by dragging and dropping blocks of code. Why it’s important: We are on a mission to redesign programming for the era of the touchscreen. Democratization of programming is just not going to happen through a billion people learning to code on the command line. To truly democratize programming, we need to make it more accessible and easier. Links Website: Youtube: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Comment or email us at Features - Free YouTube tutorials to get you started - Drag and drop easy-to-read code blocks (e.g. “Jump”) to create games, art, and animations - Publish games to an active community (thousands of new projects published every day) - Look under the hood of others’ games to tinker, learn and even remix - Open-ended; make whatever you want, rather than solving different levels of coding puzzles
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@jocelynleavitt This is so great, and I'm all onboard with that the solution is not to teach everybody to code (that's why we're building too). Where will Hopscotch be heading in the future, product wise?
@tomsoderlund Thanks! I've seen, it looks awesome. Next steps for us are to continue to make the language itself more powerful so that the range of things that people can make with the tool gets bigger!
@jocelynleavitt @anildash @gethopscotch This looks great. So glad to see that it's a universal app working on iPad too. I suspect that the youngest demographic are going to access this on iPad long before they have access to their own iPhones.
Right now a future innovator and world leader is on Hopscotch creating games with 💩 emojis, and once I'm done posting this I'm on my way to play them!
I love the whole concept of Hopscotch, great to see a iPhone app released. I've already referred one or two kids to this site to learn! Great job!
@ryanmcl136 Thank you! The iPhone version was a major redesign for us--we had to rethink the entire way the product worked for it to make sense on the phone. We're really proud of it. When you have a chance to try it, tell us what you think!
So important for our future. Thank you.