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A beer-themed app for 4th of July! Have a great day, US Product Hunters!
Happy 4th @riaface! Thank you for the post!
It reminds me a bit of Swirl It (so Hops for wine), though I like the design of this one. But I always like learning about beers.
@benparr also reminds me of Monkey Inferno's Beer Hunt (cc @ShaanVP @FurqanR) and Bevvy (cc @GehaniNeil).
Thank you Product Hunt for the feature -- I'm an avid follower and have been anxiously hoping for the listing! Hops is an iPhone app that learns what beers you like and finds new beers you'll love. While I have used and continue to enjoy existing beer apps, the growing number of breweries has made it difficult to find a local beer I will love. This issue and a road trip of bad beer decisions, led to the creation of Hops. The app is not focused on social/gamification, it's simply about finding the best beer for you. I appreciate any feedback/comments, and am happy to answer any questions. Happy beer hunting!
@haydnstrauss I certainly appreciate that it strips away the (unnecessary) gamification aspects and focuses on the beer itself. Seems like something I'd be much more interested in than, say, Untappd.
@alexpcoleman Thank you. And we really appreciate you spreading the word!
Prettier than untappd.