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Important! Invite Code: producthunt The coolest thing about Hop is that that it makes your inbox feel just like messenger (making your replies a lot quicker/less formal) with a very cool custom GIF feature. See Hop's original PH launch: https://www.producthunt.com/post... Excited to see audio & video calls with Hop. I certainly use the functionality in Slack, Hop could provide that ease within your team and externally. 🎉
@nivo0o0 Thanks 👍 ¯\_( please use the code "producthunt" )_/¯ Hi hunters, Today, we're excited to announce the next step in our journey to connect people and businesses using modern email - Hop Video & Audio Calls. We’re introducing this feature because we know that sometimes text, documents and images just aren’t enough. Using Hop you can now start a Video or Audio call with any email contact with one tap. You no longer need to jump between email and third party apps like Skype, Hangouts or Zoom. We’ve designed Hop Video & Audio Calling to be a simple and seamless experience, both for you and your email contacts. You can start a call in several ways: 1. Enter an existing one on one conversation, tap the plus icon on the lower left and tap the audio or video icon. 2. Tap the people tab, tap the audio or video icon and select the person to call. If there is no answer or the other person is not using Hop yet, you can send him a quick message asking to call you back. It's that easy :)
@pilosof hey Erez, goodday mate. Just wondering if Hop is finally synching back IMAP folders for longer than 3 months only. Is it? Last time I enquired about this, months ago, you guys had told me this was to keep the app fast but plans were on sight for us to get a full account sync. Is that finally available? I’m really looking forward to coming back as a user, pending this functionality is on and available now. Cheers.
@pilosof ps: hotmail and outlook accounts not logging in..
Love Hop! Amazing product, drastically increased my efficiency!
Very Nice addition. This is such à great feature that will open even more possibilities. I'm really loving to use hop. My only concern is what the price will be. Do you have a clear idea of the pricing now?
@aronadiop one on one is planned to be free, when we add group calls it will be by industry standards
Another cool thing is that missed calls let's the other side call you back from any desktop app 📞
super interesting concept!