Going out? Use Hop to quickly see if anyone wants to join

Hey everyone! I'm one of the guys that made Hop. Our big difference from the slew of 'get together' apps is that we're focusing on one problem that we can solve right away: Quickly seeing if anyone wants to join you. None of your friends need the app (or an account) to join a Hop (ex. http://hopapp.co/snca). I'm here all day to answer questions, please ask away!
Nice job guys! Some ideas: 1. would be great to have an example hop that all new users are already invited to. 2. Character limit on hop feels a bit tight (I tried to create one for lunch today and found it hard to get enough info in there) 3. Populating my friends table by connecting my phone / fb contacts I think is a must. 4. Over time - and I'm sure you've thought of us - it would be really cool to have suggested friends based on the hop I've created.
@mimurchison thanks for the feedback 1. Definitely agree. Also maybe add 'Hop team' to their friends so they can test it. Concern would be that this would take away from people testing with friends. 2. Yeah - how many chars would you like? 3. We grab your contacts, but I don't think we can get fb friends any more. (API change) 4. Great idea. We're probably going to something like 'invite past Hop invitees'
Would be awesome to be able to invite my Facebook friends to my "hops".
@soyjimmy totally agree. We're working on it.
This is a cool app a few buddies made that let's you quickly get friends together when you're making plans. Hop sends text to everyone and they just need to tap the link to join the group chat. Your friends don't need to sign up or download the app.
@robjama I like the fact that you don't need to sign up
Cool app :) as a 16 year old i'll probably start using this everytime i go out to invite some friends :)