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@_jacksmith the people communicate has radically changed in the last couple of years, sadly email hasn't reflected that. hop makes email adopt to the way we communicate, not the other way around :) we @ hop love email and help it become modern, like the new groups feature which makes group communication via email simple and fun not the tedious and broken process it is today.
My real question about all of these email-fixed type apps is whether they're supposed to be adopted for *all* our email or just some types. Are we supposed to keep a second app around to manage longer emails and less familiar outbound communication or are we supposed to try and cram all our threads into the structure forced by the app? I'm not sure adding the additional overhead of managing (and understanding the UI/UX/flow of) two apps is worth any potential gains from the conversations I could better manage in one. Note: I can't actually download the app because I use Android.
People often quote email as being broken... but I just don't see it. Why is email broken?
@pilosof Been following Hop for quite a while, I think you guys are on to something great here. Check out my article on the topic: https://medium.com/p/508cedbc74de
I don't know that email as a message protocol is suited for these type of exchanges. but that's just my opinion