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Update 1: Javascript - Hooks no longer requires jQuery. Thanks to @zackbloom. Update 2: Node.js - Hide your public API key from anyone using node.js. Download: https://www.npmjs.org/package/no... Thanks to @frnwtr Update 3: cURL (Python) - @charliehield provided a way to create a hook with cURL and/or Python. Thanks! Download: https://gist.github.com/stursby/... Hey guys. I'm the developer of Hooks. If you have any questions just get in touch. Cheers all. Thoughts for updates: - REST call - On/Off notifications (better notification control basically) - App that contains all the notifications + filtering. - iOS integration - Multiple API keys - Upload your own Icon - Faceless. No Dock Icon. - Auto sign in on Launch + Logout. - Shorten link and implement a hook in it. More thoughts are welcome!
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@kevgroenendaal How about adding some sneaky Nickelback notifications (as opposed to just Justin Bieber messages) every once in a while, just to confuse those who tried the free version? ;)
@Larkef Oh, that might be a good idea actually. ;) ^^
@kevgroenendaal You should create an in-app purchase to push notification's with the lyrics of Megan Trainor's inspiring song about the importance of bass over treble.
@Simonatpaddle Haha, good one Simon. :)
@kevgroenendaal a tought , make me able to send a link to trigger on click
Looks like we both picked up the name right xd. Could be interesting adding Hooks to Hooks app as a channel...
@kozkozkoz Yeah, I noticed it today. Perhaps I could change it to Hooks for Mac. Not sure it will stick though. Good luck with your Hooks :)
Great work, super interesting and seems like easy to implement. Looking forward to iOS integration, multiple keys, turning notifications on and off etc.
@avdgriendt Appreciate it, Andreas. It's a start. :)
@emieljanson notifications seem to really be your hook ;)
@thisisjorik Oh I see what you did there. xD
Hooks is awesome. Would love to see things like Hipchat / Campfire integration, in the future. This way the notification could be shared. (Thanks for the PH invite, by the way @kevgroenendaal.)
@michaeltomko I need to take care of the features mentioned in the first post before I start creating API's for API's, haha. But it would indeed me neat!