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Yo guys. I have been toying with a scraper for PH for some time now, and was really motivated after seeing @TosinAF 's thread and packaged all I had in a neat API. Try it here! Currently it gets today's posts, and has a cache of 1 hour. I hope to see people make a ton of good stuff with it. :) PS: I make a lot of cool stuff, and people love it. Leave your e-mail here and stay tuned about my projects. PPS: Donations UPDATE: The API can now return comments for any product. Here's an example: http://hook-api.herokuapp.com/po...
cool stuff. what can you imagine as some of the main use-cases?
Love what you build - i build a similar scraper for my chrome extension https://chrome.google.com/websto... I used the cheerio npm for data extraction - can recommend it over jquery and similar solutions. Would there be an interest in an official PH read-only API ?
@andreasklinger I think the link you gave is your admin link, not the link to the actual extension (is asking me to login etc)
Thanks to @karangoel 's quick work, I have a demo of the news with Product Hunt Included :) Have a look at it on app.io -> http://bit.ly/UyxKqh ; swipe left on right on the nav bar Hit me up on twitter, if you want early access to this (beta) :)