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The Hook Fashion Discovery app is a direct response to shopping trends showing consumers juggling multiple shopping apps and websites on their mobile devices. Hook innovatively uses the wealth of Intelligence Node’s (a big data company offering SaaS based retail analytics products to brands and retailers) data to answer the need to optimize the mobile shopping experience for the millennial shopper, especially since these shoppers are constantly being inundated with endless promos from brands and various e-tailers. Hook has built a search engine that allows the shopper to key in exactly what they are looking for and be able to immediately browse through exact matches and similar styles at all different price points – A search engine just for fashion! The Hook App search engine provides three ways to search: 1. “Type and Search” – Simply key in something specific (i.e. “green velvet blazer”) and with one tap the shopper can instantly browse trending “green velvet blazers” from their favorite fashion destinations including luxury e-stores like Net-a-Porter to a more accessibly-priced Macy’s or Nordstrom, and even inexpensive options from Forever21 or H&M. 2. “Snap and Search”- If the shopper sees something they like online or worn by a friend, they can simply snap a photo and search for it on the app. Hook instantly lets them peruse the exact or closest results from their favorite retailers. 3. “Similar Search” - Browse and select items from Hook’s trending feed and shoppable editorials. If the shopper wants more options, they can simply tap on the Similar Search icon and Hook brings back loads of similar options at all different price points to comparison shop. With millions of SKUs featured, the shopper can search for virtually any fashion item. The app covers over 100 top U.S. online shopping destinations most popular with millennials including Nastygal, Zara, Shopbop, H&M, Asos, Pacsun, Farfetch, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, SaksFifthAvenue, Barney’s, etc.
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@neenu_jacob Very interesting product. How are you going to solve the discoverability part? How are you going to make people download the app? That is always a challenge with new apps. We at http://morph.ai can build a chatbot for you. Check our eCommerce chatbot
. Everybody has messenger. Chatbot will be an add on for the app.
@ishanjain_t Thank you. Hook is the first AI-generated fashion feed to help consumers cut through the clutter by offering unbiased reports on what’s trending and thereby making discovery simpler. Our trending feed pulls together the most visited products on the most popular shopping sites. That aside the search engine allows the shopper to key in exactly what they are looking for and be able to immediately browse through exact matches and similar styles at all different price points. We'll be sure to check out http://morph.ai and the chatbot.
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@neenu_jacob Very exciting and innovative indeed! Looking forward to it.
@neenu_jacob You can send an email to ishan@morph.ai and we can talk out the specifics there.
@ishanjain_t Isn't it discovery an issue for chatbots as well? Even if it is on Messenger, it is really hard to leverage the network effects
@neenu_jacob Will hook search marketplaces for preloved items like Posh?
@kkdub The shopper can initiate a search by uploading an image of a product they like online or offline including preloved items and Hook brings back exact and similar matches from most marketplaces and brand sites. We will in the near future bring premium pre-loved marketplaces like Posh on board too until then you can always similar search something you loved on Posh! If the shopper wishlists the products, Hook also alerts them on price drops.
Hi @neenu_jacob, I have an active need for products in this space, so I'll be sure to check it out. Question: Could you explain what your specific difference is compared to Pinterest? Either in terms of what problem you solve for consumers that Pinterest doesn't, or how you might solve some similar problems but in a different or better way? Thanks.
@guesto Hi Chris, thanks for checking us out. One key difference is Hook is for shoppers looking for live listings and links - if the shoppers is searching for a specific item, the Hook app brings back most exact and similar matching products at a variety of different price points that are currently available to buy making it easier for the shopper to filter by brand or host sites or price. A search engine focused just on discovering fashion products that are currently available.
@neenu_jacob I see. So whereas searching on Pinterest reveals items that may no longer be available to buy, yours filters and only displays items that are available to buy right now? That's a pretty cool differentiator. I'd recommend you move that up in your messaging. It does not come through clearly at the moment. I'll download it and check it out.
@guesto Thanks Chris, we'll make that edit. Let us know what you think of the app once you check it out. You could also visit us at http://get-hook.com/.
@neenu_jacob first feedback: I like that it gives the ability to search and browse agnostic of gender, rather than forcing male or female selection too early. However I do think that I should be able to save my size (e.g. Shoe size) as part of my profile, if it is to deliver to me the benefit of a feed of things I can actually buy. Also curious to hear who you think your early adopter persona is? What traits do they have that you are especially catering to?