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I've become a little jaded with new news and editorial publications -- there are so many that cover all the same things -- but Hoodline appears to be surfacing things relevant to me that nobody else is going to write about. After SF, what's next @eldon?
@rrhoover more products for SF first, that build on the news audience we have. then more cities!
@eldon more products? Any hints on what's next?
@rrhoover we're soft launching a neighborhood events calendar over the coming weeks, for starters.
@eldon Great News! We'd love to list @PopUpsters pop-up events for your soft launch. Early Access?
@jimbburke please email me with more: eldon (at) hoodline (dot) com
Signed up. Trying to be a better citizen and take part in my city. Even if it's just reading about it for now :)
They just announced $1.8 mil in funding from @chudson : http://techcrunch.com/2015/11/17...
didn't patch try this, along with 100 zillion others? what's changed?
@passingnotes at a high level that's true (the words "news" and "local" apply to both). but if you look closer you'll see a lot of differences.
I've been loving Hoodline since I moved to SF. I'm actually super disappointed that I just moved from a Hoodline... hood (Hayes Valley) to a non-Hoodline... hood (Potrero Hill) Any love for the Hill coming down the line?
@dhulser we're trying to figure it out
@eldon excited to have a hill Hoodline =) PS -- Hit me up if you ever wanna talk about your ad serving infra ;)