An app that helps couples save for their goals

Honeyfi is a free app that helps couples spend and save better. Today Honeyfi is launching Goals, a feature to help couples save for anything from a vacation to a home. Just create a goal, choose a savings rules, and automatically save money toward your goal.
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Hey Product Hunt! I’m the co-founder and CPO of Honeyfi. For lots of couples, money is a big source of tension. We built Honeyfi to help couples stress less and do more with their money. We started with everyday finances like spending, budgets, and bills. But working together on money is about more than just what you’ve spent. It’s also about planning for the future. So today, we’re officially launching Goals, a feature that makes it easy for couples to save for their goals, big or small. Here’s how it works: *Create shared or individual savings goals for anything from a big vacation to your first home *Choose a simple savings rule, like a percentage of your income or a set weekly amount *Based on your rules, we automatically transfer money to your goals *Your money is FDIC-insured up to $250,000 *Earn a 1% annual savings bonus (paid every 3 months) We just went through the Barclays Accelerator powered by Techstars, and we’re super excited about launching on Product Hunt. Let us know what you think!
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@sam_schultz1 I now use this app constantly to keep an eye on our spending and stick to (or at least try) a solid budget, its the best app I’ve found for easily managing shared finances. I’m especially psyched for the new goals feature! I’m curious though (mostly because I don’t know much about banking+accounts) if I can know more about how the money is stored, and what the benefits are of transferring vs something like just visually representing the saved categories? I’m excited either way, this is giving me the extra push to start setting money aside for a fence in our backyard.
Really like this idea. My wife and I have been using mint for a while but it's inability to "add partner" is such a huge headache(this could have been solved since I last looked). Will definitely check this out.
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... when it's available in Canada. sigh
@jaredhenriques Thanks Jared! We hope to expand up north soon :)
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I’m here too. I’m the co-founder and CEO of Honeyfi. Happy to hear all of your feedback and answer any questions!
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This is the feature that you wish your bank had...very simple but smart idea. The 1% kicker to your savings is well above the rates most bank accounts would pay so that's an added bonus!
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One of the best savings apps I’ve seen. Beautiful UI and seamless integration makes this much more enjoyable than the Mints or PocketGuards of the world. The added benefit of a significant other that is happier also helps :)
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@shea_parikh Wooh! Really glad you and the SO are enjoying the app so far. :)