The simplest way to manage money, together

Honeydue is the simplest way for couples to manage money, together. Sign up and connect with your partner, and choose what you want to share. Track balances and activity, coordinate bills and reminders. Get on the same page, and outsmart money -- together!

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Greetings hunters!! Eugene & Thien here. We're building Honeydue, the simplest way for couples to manage money -- together. Managing money is a stressful chore in a lot of relationships, and existing tools out there aren't designed for collaboration. We've designed Honeydue to be as simple as possible for tracking accounts (both individual and joint), sharing balances and activity, coordinating bills and budgets -- together. And of course, you can choose what you want to share. We're participating in YCombinator's current batch (S17), and excited to launch on PH today. We're looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback, and happy to answer any questions.
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@eugenejpark I've been using the app for a couple of days. Absolutely see the value. A couple of things are missing for me: * Mint-style "classify all of Amazon as house/utilities" * Sometimes I classify purchases and they don't save * Custom categories would be great * Actually budgeting capabilities, because that's the whole point * Viewing transactions that have comments easily * Ability to view things that are in "Income" and other categories * The offers tab right now is obnoxious and keeps showing me the same offer with a badge Excited to see where this is goes. If you guys get this right, it will be HUGE
This is awesome!! Is this going to be available in UK app store anytime soon?
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@avinashbajajs Thanks for the encouragement! We're trying to get the product just right for US users first, since we need to support over 10,000 US banks, but we're always eyeing expansion into other regions :)
@thien_tran I would gladly use this (and would actually prefer it!) without the bank support.
@thien_tran @lexiphanic Cant wait to use this in Spain!
that reminds me - my gf owes me a tenner!
but in all seriousness, this does look handy and could reduce arguments!
How does this compare to Splitwise?
@chrismessina Thanks Chris, great question. Similar to Splitwise, we're offering a feature that makes splitting (we prefer to call it 'sharing') expenses a little less combative between soulmates. That said, most couples using our app are not splitting expenses with each other -- they are sharing account balances and activity, and coordinating bill reminders with each other. These are things that couples can't easily do on Splitwise (<-- although we love that app too!).
@eugenejpark great answer, thanks!
@chrismessina @eugenejpark Thx for response, once its on Android I may be able to write more about it on my blogs etc
@decision_ It's definitely available on Android! https://play.google.com/store/ap...
@thien_tran beautiful, downloading now
Pics look good and definitely can see how this would be perfect for my wife and I. Unfortunately I can't download it as it's US-only?
@lexiphanic yeah me too and I've been looking for an app like this
@lexiphanic Thanks Greg! Yes -- we're currently live in the US, but plan on expanding to other countries soon. Which country are you in?
@alexgrundy Thanks Alex! Which country are you in? We'd love to help you and your partner, wherever you are!