Discover the fastest internet available for your new place 🏠

HomeSpeed is a Chrome Extension that helps you discover the fastest internet available at your new place 🏠 — just visit a listing on Zillow, Trulia, or Redfin and click!

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Hi PH, first-time poster, long-time maker here. If you’re like me, you love to browse apartment and housing listings while you dream of moving somewhere new. Many platforms offer some context (like crime rates or school scores) to help people evaluate listings yet all lack information about a critical 21st-century utility: ⚡ internet service availability ⚡. Here’s where HomeSpeed comes in: just click and see internet providers, advertised maximum download speeds, and the technologies providers use. Data comes from the FCC and it’s detailed all the way down to the Census block. Right now, it works on Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin in the US; I’d love to add more platforms in the future. Check it out on the Chrome Extension store! I made this Chrome Extension myself—as a designer who’s worked for years to learn how to write semi-serviceable HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I’m pretty proud to have made it here and thankful for all the help I’ve received along the way. 🙏 I’d love to hear any and all feedback that you have and am thrilled to answer any questions you might have. I’m excited to iterate on HomeSpeed and build more tools to make it easier to make a home somewhere new; help me learn what I should do next!
PS: Here’s a collection of my other favorite products to use while dreaming of moving somewhere new: — and one more thing, Google is gradually rolling out a brand-new Chrome. I haven't been able to test HomeSpeed on it yet: please let me know if you see any strange behavior!
60 upvotes and counting! Thanks, Hunters! You made my day 😁
@karlsluis Is there a way to use this as a website without installing an extension?
@mattbasta Yes! (sort of) — the FCC provides all the data that drives the extension and they have a site at — there's an input for searching by address, but I've had limited luck with using it. You can always use the map to check an area as well. There's no HomeSpeed website at this point.
Should say US only 😌
@raphchabaud True! And updated :)