Create & send animated Gifs from Youtube and Vimeo

I'm fond of the browser-based gifYouTube by @rorybro.
@rrhoover @rorybro gifYouTube is awesome. If you're looking for some more "pro" features, with a nice, refined UI, you should check out Homeslice for sure!
@colinmcardell @rrhoover @rorybro Appreciate all the positive mentions :). Will def look @ homeslice. Happy to see more gifs in the world! :D
Really excited to continue to share Homeslice with the world. Homeslice is a super fun GIF slicing Chrome Extension project that the Thirty Labs team put together for everyone to enjoy/expand upon, all that. OSS, so dig around and make some pull requests!!! Always into making Homeslice even more awesome.
I got to play with an early version of this. Love the simplicity. If GIF making is part of your job (or you just do it like it is your job) homeslice really makes it easy.