Homescreen Homie

Turn yourself into an app on your friend's phone

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Pablo Rochat
Director of Creative Lab at Tinder
Hi Product Hunt! Just in time for Valentine’s Day, lets you put your face on your friends' (or loved ones, if you’re lucky) homescreen, in the form of an app icon. Your friends can tap your icon to instantly text, call or view your Instagram. You can also create a gallery of your favorite Homies on your own phone! Please holler with any comments or questions! Thanks :)
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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Now you can add my face to your homescreen. Tap this link on your mobile device. I know you're all so excited.
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ⓂMatt hartman
partner @betaworks
@rrhoover this is obviously awesome.
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Michael 😍 Galpert
msg on twitter
i remember @joshm was talking about having something like this for his friends and family
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Robert CampbellCo-founder/Growth Strategist @ WallSee
Ha! Love this!
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Patrick SullivanCo-Founder & CTO at Linq
Very creative idea 👍Nice job!
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