All HomeKit accessories in a single place.

#2 Product of the DaySeptember 05, 2017

HomeKitty is a crowdsourced list of HomeKit-compatible accessories.

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My name is Patrick Balestra and I am a passionated iOS software engineer from Switzerland. I've seen a lot of HomeKit related articles in the news lately but there is no way for customers to discover new accessories and quickly compare them. This is why I decided to create HomeKitty. HomeKitty aims to be a crowdsourced website written in Swift that collects all HomeKit accessories. Users can simply add new accessories by filling out a very quick form and providing name, price and some links to the accessory and its manufacturer. Each accessory will then be approved by the HomeKitty team and made publicly available. Users can then search accessories by name and filter them by the official Apple's categories. The website already contains over 80 accessories divided in 17 categories. The website is totally free and without ads. There is the possibility to make a donation via Apple Pay or PayPal to HomeKitty developers to support future features and improvements. I would love to hear your thoughts and feature requests! 🙌
You really hit the nail on the head with your naming! Every time I mention HomeKit in Estonian, I'll say "Homekitti" which sounds exactly like "HomeKitty". And the site looks beautiful & useful 😊
@heimar_lecht You have no idea how many times I wrote “HomeKitty-compatible accessories” 😂
This is very useful, especially with the rise of more and more people using these. Well executed!
Super useful and avoid a lot of consuming research on the internet. Maybe a "Last added" section or something like this could be great if you have a lot of returning visitors.
@balestrapatrick I was going in to add SmartThings, and had a question. Are you limiting price to only the MSRP currently? I think it would be a really helpful if you also included links to places with cheaper places online such as Amazon. It could be a great way to monetize your site via Amazon referral codes.