Home Assistant

Open source home automation tools

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I use now for at least one year. I can control my heatings, my lights. Integrate late product as Ikea Tradfri really quick. The UI could be bad but it is so easy to integrate with Alexa or Homekit (with homebridge) that we can allow this issues.


A lot of integration

Easy to setup (see hass.io)

Big community

Weekly release

Open source

Not limited


Some slowness/issue using the front end UI on different OS

Difficulties to have a nice organisation (UI)

Everything is possible

Love it.

Works out of the box on raspi. Not the easiest configuration but therefore it is free


Free, open source, supports a lot of devices, Alexa, Google & Apple Home support


need some it knowledge

Been using for over a year. Home Assistant is The most awesome smart home hub out there.


Lets me plug in any smart home device and control it through Home Assistant



It is improving in a rapid pace. Seems to mature with every new release. Not saying it was bad before but they just made some new stuff up that is even better.


Gives me more power than out of the box solutions


Can be tricky for new players

I've been using Home Assistant for a long time, but I'm about to drop it as it just breaks way too much. The most annoying part are upgrades - you have to spend around 3-7 hours fixing problems introduced by each new upgrade as HA team doesn't care about compatibility at all.


open source solid amount of integrations quite a lot of documentation


documentation often is outdated each upgrade has ~80% risk of breaking your instance

@zdzislaw_banan thats rather high, last 3 upgrade i had 0 issues. If you have a lot of integrations the chances can be higher too. Also if they make a major change so that all integrations benefit from it.. that is just a no brainer. Documentation is often outdated? If you see it, then change it. Everything is on Github and i also make changes to the docs if i see something wrong. All major breakage is also noted in the release notes so you should always read those before upgrading. I to have been using it for a long time and i know what you mean but i also feel that this 'breakage' is slowly becoming less. "Rewrote complete integration to support x and y better in the future for new feature z" if you see that, that is somebody that took his/her free time to do this. We should complain less and contribute more. p.s. if you have to sit 3-7 hours fixing a breaking change that is usually in the release notes your doing something wrong too.