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Open source home automation tools

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Paulus, author of Home Assistant here. Home Assistant is free, fully open-source and fully community driven - no company involved. We have over 240 components and platforms to include a wide range of products and services: https://home-assistant.io/compon... Our community is very active, friendly and helpful. So if you run into any problems while trying to use Home Assistant, stop by the forum for help: https://community.home-assistant...
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@balloob -- Keep up the great work...:) Just now checked your demo, it looks really good...:)
@balloob this is really cool. Have been looking for something like this.
I follow this project closely, can't wait to fiddle around with it!
open the floodgates

I use now for at least one year. I can control my heatings, my lights. Integrate late product as Ikea Tradfri really quick. The UI could be bad but it is so easy to integrate with Alexa or Homekit (with homebridge) that we can allow this issues.


A lot of integration

Easy to setup (see hass.io)

Big community

Weekly release

Open source

Not limited


Some slowness/issue using the front end UI on different OS

Difficulties to have a nice organisation (UI)

Great work.