Stream and watch live events with your iPhone

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julien jorda
julien jordaMaker@julien_jorda
Hi everyone! Julien here, CEO of Holyvent. So thrilled to be here, thanks Julie for the post! Like she said above, we are a social live streaming app, using the same media than Meerkat or Periscope but we add a different twist to it: We are all about events. This is exemplified by a multiview experience when multiple broadcasters are attending the same event, geotagging, landscape mode... Additionnally, broadcasters from the same event will be able to not only to interact with their viewers, but also between each other. This is why we think of Holyvent as a "many to many" approach. If you guys have any questions, I will be glad to answer them here! Happy hunting!
Jordan SUCCAR@jordansuccar · Co-founder & CEO @ Sponseasy - Clapp
Working with tons of events and sponsors everyday with Sponseasy.com I can say that this is a real value creation for events! It's a very engaging way to gather this huge audience which is event online viewers and turn this exposure into a valuable sponsorship opportunity. Can't why to see real use cases in terms of sponsorship. Congrats to the team for this awesome product!
Julie Delanoy
Julie DelanoyHunterPro@syswarren · Design at Product Hunt
I've had some experience in the past about using my phone in concert and I discovered this new app. Holyvent lets people stream events directly from their phone, like Periscope. Yet, the interesting part is that you can find live concerts/festivals/exhibitions/ to watch from different angles if several users are there. I wonder how it work from a legal point of view. What do people think about streaming live events? I've seen a lot of friends posting Snapchat of concerts and such, it could be interesting to discuss this subject.
Laurent Cena
Laurent CenaMaker@laurentcena · Legal & Communication Strategy, Holyvent
@syswarren Julie, as for the "legal point of view": you should not shoot and livestream videos depicting folks / artists without their consent (whether tacit or explicit) -- in the same way you should not shoot and post such videos anywhere online... But it's true that the instantaneity and ephemerality elements of an app like ours somehow make it more challenging to prevent infringements... Technical progress has always brought along new legal challenges... here we are again :^)
julien jorda
julien jordaMaker@julien_jorda
To answer Julie's questions on the concerts topic, being a concert-aholic, I'm all for it. How many times did I leave a great rock show, and wished that I could follow them on tour? From the non-broadcaster perspective, as long as it is not ruining my view at the event I'm fine, so if you have an ipad please be considerate and do not use it in a full house concert, having a large screen in front of you blocking the view to the stage is not cool :).