Holy Méme Bath Bomb

You can now literally swim in memes

Holy Méme Bath Bomb is a collection of bath bombs inspired by this year's most notable memes. Our very first collection features Trash Dove, Spongegar, Fidget Spinner, and Evil Kermit.

We got this idea after seeing the popularity of bath bombs in recent months and thought that it would be fun to incorporate Internet memes with unusual products.

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Hi, Product Hunt! I’m really excited to share with you all a product that my team and I worked really hard to develop over the past few months, The Meme Bath Bomb. Inspired by the bath bomb craze, my partner Jonathan and I thought that it would be a fun project to turn some of our favorite memes into bath bombs These bath bombs are packed by our lovely manufacturer Jonathan in North Carolina, who has been very patient with us throughout the entire research and development process. These bath bombs are certified organic and vegan and are safe to use for all skin types. I was previously the creator of the Holy Méme Bible, a coloring book of 2016’s best memes. Thanks to all the support from Product Hunt, we were able to get the momentum to build a team and create Dank Tank, a meme product innovation lab. Dank Tank’s mission is to memeify ordinary products and turn them into something more fun and exciting for everyone of all ages. The bath bombs are just the first of many products that we are launching this year, and we hope to be able to continue updating the collection every week with fresh new memes once the initial batch has been validated. I know that this type of product isn’t very typical in the Product Hunt community, but I would still love to hear everyone’s feedback and questions to continue making this product better. Thank you!
The name is awesome, or might i say, Dank. Was it the first one that you cme up with or did you go through some iterations?
Oh, and the bath bombs look really cool as well
@yealeand So the name Dank Tank is a play on the scholar organization 'Think Tank'. The idea is that my team is a group of meme researchers that analyzes Internet memes and Internet cultures and using the information to develop products and provide consulting services. It's both a joke and a serious name :P We just enjoy having fun with what we do, and I think the name really embodies what we do as a team Thank you for your kind words! jason
THIS IS AMAZING. Congrats on the launch @omgwang
Been waiting for these guys to come back with another product. Absolutely crushed it again 👏
@a_polsley Thanks man!
Bath bombs have always confused me and to be honest, now they confuse me even more 😂
@andrewdixonso They actually feel pretty nice though, not gonna lie.