Generate synth music from your daily activities.

Holon is an auditive mixed reality app that uses IoT data and biomusicological principles to let you create synth music with your physical activities. Now with bonus pro feature: Ableton Link support. Apple Watch app available for heart rate BPM to tempo and more.

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I love this! I always wanted for the music to match my current activity to feel like I’m in a movie 😀
@zelena thank you very much😊
Good idea. Best fit for who want to workout, gym, bike... The UX/UI need more improvements. Keep working! Upvoted!
@truonglong88 Thank you very much! I would love to follow up about UX improvements. Your feedback is very valuable for us.
One of the most fascinating concepts I've seen on producthunt in the last few months. Strong upvote!
@zalmay_karimi I’m most grateful and happy that you like it. Thank you!
I love this. I wish the music was a lot more soothing though instead of constant, sometimes ear screeching, noise.
@michdavidadams Thank you Michael, we hope to have this sorted soon. I’d love to discuss further about this with you, please consider joining our beta. PM me or send msg to info@holonic.systems