Fast and easy searching inside a page

Holmes.js is a way to filter/search for elements on your page

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I made this because I found this a piece of code I wrote quite often. This is the first time I made a larger public project, so let me know whatever you think. I've found it easy to replace the search bars I'd already written to this version
@haroenv I love the name! Will try it next time we need one!
@ariel_janover @haroenv Glad you like it :) I first suggested "Sherlock / Sherlock.js" but it was already in use. So @Haroenv naturally came in with the idea of Holmes.js, which is awesome :) I would have called it "Watson.js" otherwise.
This is exactly what we need to live-filter a list of events based on user-inputted text (venue, city, etc). I've passed it on to the project's developer. Thanks!
Great name indeed, excited to try this!
Let's try! Could be exactly what I need.. ;)
Appears super simple to integrate. Nice work!