Enjoy the detailed highs, crystal clear mids, and robust bass. Hogtalare offers an emotionally powerful listening experience that is deep and powerful. The lifelike, high resolution, dynamic sound quality creates an incredibly engaging listening experience.
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Mané Karen
Vardan Karapetyan
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  • Vardan Karapetyan
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    Love the wide range of sound frequency. 36hz is ideal for me as a sweet bass lover. Also the design is great and price is a steal!


    Couldn't find power figures in Watts.

    I also like the combination of two sets into a home stereo.

    Vardan Karapetyan has never used this product.
Hi Product Hunters, We are super excited to launch Hogtalare here. We leveraged our years of experience and knowledge in acoustic design to create a speaker that sounds just right. Two custom-made tweeters, a massive 6” double magnet woofer, fully dedicated amps, and a custom-built DSP deliver POWERFUL, ENGAGING, ACCURATE sound that can fill up any room. Without compromising on quality, values, or production standards, we have created a truly affordable luxury Hi-Fi system for everyone. Would love to hear your feedback and questions. :)
@omri_gino It's great, I really like that it fits almost everywhere.
Hi @omri_gino – these looks amazing. I would sign myself up for two immediately if you had Airplay 2 support. Any plans or thoughts around adding that feature?
Hey @omri_gino What other colors does it have?
@johnny_mitchell The speaker itself comes in every color you would like, as long as its black. As for the grills, we have Black Out, White Minimal, Red Statement, Blue Blend.
A friend of mine recommended it to me, seems to be great stuff!
@p_vinzenz Thank you :) Product Hunters have special 50% discount today.