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A $100, disposable vape pen for dosing yourself with bud — 200 hits per, and a bunch of "formulas" to soothe even your most savage beastial moments: hmbldt arouse hmbldt passion hmbldt bliss hmbldt sleep hmbldt calm hmbldt relief
@chrismessina Great beginner vaporizer, but not a true fit-bit for cannabis consumption that we all want it to be. I love the physical vibration that the device gives to indicate a completed pull. Its the first device in a crowded crowded vaporizer market to gamify the "I did it correctly moment" - no doubt it's an extremely satisfying hit. BUT it is not truly a smart dosing device - it's only measuring the 3s pull of air flow over an inconsistent heating element. And the price is pretty steep when compare to other products on the market.
@chrismessina @masonlevy I run a dispensary in LA and i've spoken to the folks at hmbldt a few times. For my shop in particular, it doesn't align with the demographic as i'm in a lower income area, thus not making it practical to sell a $100 retail vape when all competing products are in the $35-$55 range. That being said, hmbldt vapes are the first of their kind and have done a good job differentiating themselves from the rest of the vape companies in the industry. They're the first responsibly dosed vape pen, something I really like - this concept aligns with a brand like KIVA. Consistency is hard to come by with cannabis products and I think they do a good job creating the same experience for all their users. My personal experience: the vibration tickled my lips and it was a strange feeling to say the least lol. The effects were smooth and others who tried it around me seemed to enjoy it.
Beautiful, but seems very wasteful. Would prefer rechargables and a separate pod/battery setup.
@patmcd except: "We care about the environment and are committed to bringing sustainable products into the world. Our hmbldt dose pen™ uses recyclable material in our pen’s plastic case, shell and electronic components. Return a used dose pen at your collective to receive a $5 discount on your next hmbldt dose pen™. We’ll pick it up and recycle the materials for you."
not a smoker or drug user at all, so this product isn't targeted at me, but i gotta say i LOVE the design. it looks so elegant.
Come to the UK! Oh wait 😞

Very functional and science backed formulations.


product looks cool and works really well.


pricey for sure