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Hello hunters, I’m Pauline, the CEO of Hivy. Hivy is part of the YC Winter 2017 batch. Huge thanks @Sama for hunting us! We want to make offices a better place by ensuring employees have everything they need to feel comfortable and work efficiently. Need beers for your Friday Happy Hour? Dreaming of the latest nerf gun? Send your order from our desktop app, your office iPad, or directly in Slack knowing that it will be taken care of by your office manager. We decided to build Hivy because every team in a company has a tool, except the office management team. Hivy is the first platform specifically designed to help them collect their employees’ orders, collaborate on projects, and purchase everything they need to keep the office running. Great companies like Slack, Typeform, Seatgeek, and Gigster already use Hivy in their offices! Forward this to your Office Manager, we take care of the rest:) In the meantime, we’d love to hear your feedback and happy to answer any question!
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@paulinetordeur @sama How did you get those great companies (Slack, Typeform, etc) on board? Not sure how long you guys have been around, but that is really impressive that you got those big names on board! 😃
@james_osullivan @xlntec It's the result of hard work from our entire team 😊 and also that we follow @sama 's advice to make something people want! We're very luck to have these awesome companies as customers and they help us improve our product everyday!
I use Hivy at YC. Makes my life so much better. Keep up the amazing work 💗
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Thank you so much @chanstvn! We're so proud to have you as a user 😍
I met one of the founders, @simon_pierre_behr a couple of years ago in DC. This is an awesome team! Excited to see Hivy's success 🇫🇷
I love their integration with Slack, it makes it frictionless for the team to adopt.
Awesome tool! 😎