Hivy 2.0

Making your office a better place



Pauline Tordeur
Hello hunters I’m Pauline, the CEO of Hivy. Hivy is part of the YC Winter 2017 batch. Huge thanks @Sama for hunting us We want to make offices a better place by ensuring employees have everything they need to feel comfortable and work efficiently. Need beers for your Friday Happy Hour? Dreaming of the latest nerf gun? Send your order from our desktop... Show More
Steven Chan
@chanstvn · Storytelling @ Y Combinator
I use Hivy at YC. Makes my life so much better. Keep up the amazing work 💗
Cameron James
@camero_n · Founder
I met one of the founders, @simon_pierre_behr a couple of years ago in DC. This is an awesome team! Excited to see Hivy's success 🇫🇷
Romain Lapeyre
@romain_lapeyre · Co-founder @Gorgiasio
I love their integration with Slack, it makes it frictionless for the team to adopt.
Chuck Cruz
@soychuck · CTO at SOMOS.
Awesome tool! 😎
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