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#1 Product of the DayApril 25, 2016
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Hello hunters! I am Pascaline, founder of Hivy - the app that automates employee happiness. Huge thanks to @collinmathilde for hunting us. Here are some details regarding Hivy: Short on coffee? No more ink in the printer? Hivy enables employees to instantly ask for any product or service, via desktop, mobile phone, Slack or iPad, directly notifying their Office Manager. With Hivy’s SaaS app, Office Managers can run the office more smoothly with less effort to foster a happy workplace for all teammates. Give it a try to change your life at the office! We’d love to hear your feedback and happy to answer any question! 😉
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@pascbertaux @collinmathilde Love it! Would love to chat about a potential integration with our platform LaunchableLabs!
@agreenwaldhq very interesting indeed! A lot of coworking spaces already use Hivy. Would love to talk about it!
This is the type of thing I think would be really useful as a Slack bot - similar to what Large is doing. Is there any focus on translating this to be used via Slack?
@bentossell Hi Ben Thank you for your question! We already have a slack command. You can type /hivy + (your request) and it is directly sent to your office manager.
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@pascbertaux awesome... never mind me 🙄
what makes this product different from doing the same in Trello or Jira?
@mischa_van_oijen Thank you for your question! Compared to trello and Jira our aim is to handle request from notification to completion. You can use an iPad, an iPhone, slack with products that can be directly ordered to the Office Manager. Next integration will be Amazon, Office managers will be able to use Hivy like the dash button and order all they need in one click directly from the requests of the employees.
I'm also having a hard time understanding how this is different from a to-do app. Is a buy button inside the app enough to make the overhead and complexity worth it? I doubt it.
@ebsalberto Thank you Alberto. The buy Button is a first step! Imagine you can buy all what you need for your office directly from the app..😉 services, ordering food and so on...
Very cool. I actually started building something like this as a side-hack at my previous startup Vungle.