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#5 Product of the DayMay 16, 2018

Hive's powerful productivity platform is now supercharged with analytics. Using data from your team's workspace, Hive's interactive dashboards show you your team's productivity and uses machine learning to proactively notify you about overdue projects, resourcing and bottlenecks.

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  • Pros: 

    Easy to onboard, communication is super easy and it's great for tracking project status



    On-boarding with Hive was incredibly easy. Especially as a busy employee, you want to rely on tools that make your workflow easier and quicker and not add another layer of learning. I loved how I didn't have to toggle between a million different tabs and the communication between cross-office, global teams was made seamless!

    Kimmi Lorman has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Easy to get onboard. Improved team productivity and all my apps were now in one place!


    The ones I found were fixed by the Support & Engineering Team within a day!

    I was getting swarmed with so many different platforms to coordinate work within my team... Well, that was before I found Hive! Now, my team is able to access all our tasks and files in one place. There, we have the ability to keep track on the progress we've made and delegate work more efficiently.

    My only quibble previously was that the messaging was a little slow. However, after reaching out to the support team (They reply super fast btw), I was given the assurance of an improvement in performance some time during the week. To my surprise, I noticed an improvement the very next day!

    I would recommend Hive to anyone out there who is in search of a productivity tool to replace all the clunky apps that they are currently buried in.

    Joel Jonas Tan has used this product for one year.


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John FurneauxMakerPro@johnfurneaux · CEO, Hive
Hey PH! This launch is a big step in a 12 year long dream. As frustrated young project managers, we were driven crazy by how hard it was to just get work done together, and to see overall progress. I'm beyond proud to share our answer - our existing project management platform now has powerful *predictive* analytics, based on all your Hive data. That means you don't just know who's busy this week, but who will be overloaded next week. We'll be working hard to keep making Hive a better platform to work in. Your comments and questions are super welcome and help us do that! Thanks in advance for your feedback 🙏 John and the Hive team P.S. We are excited to offer the first 100 visitors who sign up for Hive with the code "PRODUCTHUNT" a free customized dashboard so they can get exactly the graphs they want.
AbadesiHiring@abadesi · 👩🏽‍💻 Product Hunt | Hustle Crew | NTT
@johnfurneaux Do you think that tools like this become most useful at a certain scale? e.g. when your team is >50
John FurneauxMakerPro@johnfurneaux · CEO, Hive
@abadesi Great question. I thought that would be true, but then we switched on the 'individual' dashboard, and it is *fascinating*. I found out that I am most productive on a Wednesday, and need to do *much* better on Monday mornings! Even in a team of 5 people, it can be super helpful to see how long it is taking to get things done, and where the bottlenecks are. Is that useful?
AbadesiHiring@abadesi · 👩🏽‍💻 Product Hunt | Hustle Crew | NTT
@johnfurneaux Yes makes sense, might suggest to @rrhoover we try it out 😄
John FurneauxMakerPro@johnfurneaux · CEO, Hive
@rrhoover @abadesi Happy to give you a red carpet tour! 👑
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@johnfurneaux @abadesi tbh, I'm allergic to project management tools as I've found many teams waste time adopting new processes in search of a problem (if that makes sense). Sometimes the best tools are the most lightweight. But I'm open minded! :)
Nate@bardirl · Office manager, Lofts and Flats
Adopted Hive for the back end of our brokerage a few months ago and already I cant imagine doing my job without it. Extremely malleable, allowing you to get exactly what you need out of it without being overly difficult to use or confusing. On top of that I seriously can not speak highly enough of the support team who manage to impress me with each interaction I have with them.
John FurneauxMakerPro@johnfurneaux · CEO, Hive
@bardirl We are blushing over here Nate! 😊 We'll keep working hard to improve Hive each day!
Dom Koudsi@domigeek
This might seem small, but one of my favorite things when I first started using Hive is that you can toggle between layouts (team, Kanban, calendar, Gantt, etc.). Now I've been playing around with the Analytics functionality and am loving it so far. Hive adds these great touches that make it so much more useful than any other tool I've tried
John FurneauxMakerPro@johnfurneaux · CEO, Hive
@domigeek Glad to hear that Dom!
This looks really cool, like Slack but with more organization and less BS. Does an entire org need to adopt this or can smaller teams use it and integrate with existing tools (like Slack, etc)?
John FurneauxMakerPro@johnfurneaux · CEO, Hive
@rynonl Great question - we have whole companies on Hive, and teams within companies. Both work great. Hive integrates beautifully with Slack and a ton of other platforms!
Eric TypaldosMakerHiring@typaldose
@rynonl The Slack integration is great - once integrated you can easily drag & drop actions from Hive to your channels/DMs to share, one-click access them from Hive, and create items using slash commands. You can find the integration here: Let us know if you have any questions and we're happy to help :)
Allycia Puzas@allyciapuzas · Content Marketing Manager, Pollfish
Is it easy to import tasks from other tools? We are a Trello office right now, but it's not great for all departments. We are looking for a new solution. We don't want to spend a TON of time switching everything over though just to test it out.
Nate@bardirl · Office manager, Lofts and Flats
@allyciapuzas I havent used it myself but there is built in integration for importing directly from trello automatically!
Allycia Puzas@allyciapuzas · Content Marketing Manager, Pollfish
@bardirl Ooh that's great!