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Listen to the best undiscovered music artists in 30s clips

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The app looks REALLY similar to NoonPacific
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@nmatares our developer was actually chatting with them last week. We drew inspiration from a handful of our favorite music apps. Its purpose and function, however, is nothing similar to NP. Looking forward to your thoughts after playing around with the app.
@savitzaw @nmatares I haven’t spoken to you guys since May when you reached out looking to partner with us...
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@cdinnison i believe he spoke with your developer.
@savitzaw @nmatares @cdinnison My name is Alex, and I'm the designer and developer of the Noon Pacific app. I understand you wanted to make an app quickly, however recycling our design without any credit is a problem. A lot of time and research went into creating our app, and we're very proud of it. If you want to steal our design, at least do it whole-heartedly.
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@alexpacific_ Hi Alex! 👋 We love the design of Noon Pacific and understand the amount of work that went into it. We also looked at other similar apps for inspiration and by no means did we intend to copy anyone. As mentioned, our biggest focus here is to help unknown artists and we’ve found that the current UX/UI of Hive is the best way to do so. The functions of our two apps are different and we each help artists in two different ways. Feel free to reach out if you would like to continue the conversation! Have a great day! 🙌
👋 Hi everyone! 👋 My name is Andrew Savitz and I'm a co-founder and the CEO of Hive. This is our first time on PH and we're stoked to be here! Thanks @henkholveck for hunting us! We built this product to help give every new and small artist an equal chance to get heard so they can start earning a living doing what they love - making music. The concept is pretty simple, we let artists and listeners post songs from their favorite, new bands. Our users swipe through a 30 second clip of each song to build a playlist that lets them listen to the full songs and connect with the artists on Facebook and Twitter. Then we connect the best performing artists each week to record labels to help them get signed and jumpstart their career. Comment at me if you have any questions, suggestions, or good song recommendations 🤘
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@savitzaw @henkholveck hey I've just realised how similar this looks to Noon Pacific also seems to be similar in how it works
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@bentossell like I mentioned to @nmatares - we drew inspiration from a handful of our favorite music apps. Its purpose and function, however, is nothing similar to NP. Thanks!
Know it's been said in these comments but I think it bears repeating- this app looks remarkably like Noon Pacific. Alarmingly like it.
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Wow! this is a blatant rip off of @noonpacific
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Long live Noon Pacific!