Hitlist for Android

Targeted alerts when flight prices drop


Hitlist for Android helps you track flight prices for upcoming trips and alerts you when prices drop.

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I've used both iOS and web based tools and now the Android app as well. I've saved at least $1000 a year myself on flights, mostly for vacation. I set the cities I want to go to, and the random dates I know I will be free...like this upcoming weekend and i get notifications about flight price drops. I've found $100 flights across the U.S, $300 flights to Dubai and $50 international Eurotrip jaunts from Hitlist.


Notifications of incredible flight deals


More work on social travel.


I was playing with the beta from google play early access and this team has fixed their issues very quickly. Very impressed. I love the deals too.


Flights around Europe for under 200 Euro to pretty much anywhere



I'm a new Android user who has high activation energy when it comes to travel and flights are the first blocker. Hitlist is really a one-stop shop when it comes to flights and why you want to go places. Features, personal suggestions, last-minutes, weekends, foodie, underrated, trending, parties, islands, parks, festivals, etc - there are dozens of ways to find your next experience. One click to bookmark a spot for future flight notifications. Since this is a brand new launch for Android, the team has been diligent about fixing issues.


Comprehensive and competitive flight deals worldwide!


Squash some small bugs