Hitlist for Android

Targeted alerts when flight prices drop

Hitlist for Android helps you track flight prices for upcoming trips and alerts you when prices drop.

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Gillian Morris
CEO, Hitlist
With the economy booming there are more great airfare deals than ever before and we're glad to finally be able to share them with our friends on Android. Hitlist makes it easy to see what's available now but also set alerts for future trips - anything from 'a warm weekend in Mexico this winter' to 'any cheap flight to Tokyo.' We've really appreciated the feedback from this community so far and would love to hear what you think!
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Finally! Super excited for this update!
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I've used both iOS and web based tools and now the Android app as well. I've saved at least $1000 a year myself on flights, mostly for vacation. I set the cities I want to go to, and the random dates I know I will be free...like this upcoming weekend and i get notifications about flight price drops. I've found $100 flights across the U.S, $300 flights to Dubai and $50 international Eurotrip jaunts from Hitlist.


Notifications of incredible flight deals


More work on social travel.

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Tristan Pollock
Community CTO.ai + EIR at 500 Startups
I'm a BIG fan of Hitlist. You seriously won't believe some of the travel-hacked prices they have. My wife and I plan to use it FREQUENTLY during our sabbatimoon next year.
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Jonathan RonzioCMO, Trainual
Longtime fan of Hitlist here. I don't have an Android but love it on iOS and web. The collections in the Explore tab are some of the most fun getaway inspirations around, but they go beyond inspiration...the deals to act are there too. Also, Hitlist's Wandertab rocks! Congrats on the continued momentum @gillianim
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