Hit or Miss 3.0

Tinder for women's fashion

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Hi everyone! I'm here to introduce the new version of Hit or Miss. 3.0 is out and we are super excited. We have a whole new look. The featured bloggers have their own section now and it’s super easy to access your profile. We are also very excited to introduce our smart search aka “Ask Us” feature. It’s the first iteration of our shopping assistant bot. You can ask us “Do you have have summer dresses?” and “How about flat summer sandals?”. I created ‘Hit or Miss’ for time-pressed women who want a one-stop shopping opportunity. By curating the latest style trends and allowing users to rate (hit or miss) products, the app delivers high quality products and entertainment to our users everyday. Give it a try! I would love some feedback.
I tested Hit or Miss from the very first versions. Just gave version 3 a quick look and it's a huge step forward, congrats Amber! Really like the new start screen, the now integrated check out, new features, etc. I'll try the "ask us" feature as soon as you release the for men's version :)
@florianplenge Thanks for the feedback. Hope to have a men's version in the near future.
Congrats you guys! Love what you're doing.
@alit Thanks! Hope all is well!
Congrats Amber! I love the design approach of Hit or Miss. Looking forward to men's version soon.
@jiwonbest Thanks! Appreciate the compliment. I'll bug you to be a beta tester when we have the men's version.
3.0 looks great!
@elan_miller Thanks! I appreciate the compliment.