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Discover obsession-worthy fashion in seconds. Shop collections of season’s best trends delivered to your device daily. Browse collections assembled by style curators and instantly tag which looks are a “hit” and which are a “miss”. The more you express your unique style, the more tailored your profile becomes. We tell you your favorite brands, stores, and collections.
@amberreyn love it! Great concept Amber!
@ceciliany Thanks! When you get a chance download it. I'd be happy to hear your feedback.
@amberreyn would love to chat about getting ModernVice.com on there :)
I wish there wasn't a "Miss" feature in this product. I feel like I'm judging the person in the photo on the way they look with the item. Are the photos being taken with that context? — if they are taken without the person knowing someone is going to tap a button that puts a big "X" on them; that seems strange.
@jhodsdon Thanks for the feedback. Thought about showing clothes without models. Then it's hard to tell what it could look like on. At the moment the images we are working with are limited. I want to do more lifestyle imagery down the road. I have observed men tend to check out the model while women look at the clothes. I'll keep that in mind. Maybe when we do a men's version. Thanks!
@amberreyn I would think there are people who look at the whole picture. It's necessary to have a human in a garment to see it's shape, fit, size, texture, and all the in-use characteristics of it.