Hiro Baby

A personal assistant for families with a baby.

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Thanks @chrismessina for hunting us. Hi, Product Hunt! I'm the CEO of Hiro Baby, and we're ecstatic to announce the launch of our new app here. While technology has made our lives easier and more manageable in many ways, it hasn't helped relieve the stress and strain that comes with parenting. Using bots and AI (and human touch!), Hiro is a full-service personal assistant app that deals with every issue a new parent has to cope with in their family’s early stages. By answering their questions, providing proactive information on upcoming milestones, and personalized product recommendations, we're endeavoring to bring peace of mind and make parenting easier. We're a product-focused team, so we look forward to your feedback - what do you like about Hiro Baby, what more would you like to see, and what can we improve?

 Feel free to ping me at phil@heyhiro.com PS: Over the past 8 months, we've learned a lot about conversational interfaces. If you look at the space, none of the bots or assistant services have really taken off. The opportunity is huge, but no one has figured out the perfect recipe yet. It feels a little bit like the on-demand economy before UBER found the right vertical and UX. Happy to share some of our learnings if you shoot me an email.
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@pbuckendorf Amazing experience! Thank you!
Great idea! Free parental reminders/life stage process notifications coupled with a premium messaging service for getting parenting advice and help from experts.
This needs Apple Watch or Android Wear integration! Many of my friends are parents and I often see that they don't even have time, or spare hands, to pull out their phones :) This is definitely an interesting space and parents will appreciate any assistance they can get. @pbuckendorf
@davidsfeng Great idea David! Also with the upcoming more advanced voice integrations this makes a lot of sense. Feel free to send me more feedback anytime 🙏 phil@heyhiro.com
This is awesome. Definitely looks like something that could help offloading some unnecessary work while raising our little one.
@pavelserbajlo Thanks Pavel. Your feedback means a lot to us.